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2008-06-20 18:02:47 by HRM

Have you ever had a song you were just DYING to want someone to create?
-A super solo song, like Steve Ouimette's version of The Devil Went to Georgia?
-A hardcore song, like Megadeth, but darker?
-A fast, uplifting song, like Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames?
-A nice little remix of an existing song, such as OUR Zelda 'remix'?

If you have requests, let us know. We are up and running, and we'll be constantly checking in on our page to see if anyone has any ideas. We will post the song on HRM with credit of it being your idea.

Do not confuse this with any sort of money/item promo, or a contest promo, or any sort of it. We are just searching for a creative artist that doesn't have the tools to rock on him/her own.

-Dan, HRM

Taking Requests


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2008-06-26 05:02:36

Hey there HRM. Well I was thinking about this here quandary while doing a lot of my favorite activity, not sleeping (which I like almost as much as my other favorite activity, sleeping). But anywho, one idea came to mind, and with that idea came a song, n/92405, give it a listen cause its a good one (though long). The song by Lashmush is more like a story told with music and certain sound effects. My pitch is to do something similar but inspired by the game Doom, using sounds from that games and mix them in while telling a story. Also your music already sounds like it could be in an old Doom game (not implying anything of course, except for the fact that you guys ROCK). So I think it would be an interesting project. Really you could do this with anything, but the idea of telling a story with a song is one I have always liked. And me with no instrumental talent (except the whistle in my voice and vague harmonica talent) and only sound programs, mixing, editing, fabrication and whatnot. I would love to see you guys do something like this. Thats my 2 cents (so with inflation.....worthless) but yeah, give that song a listen and give the idea some thought. Thanks. Yours truly, (lol)

(Kami the Avatar)

HRM responds:

Personally, I've never played Doom, so I wouldn't know what their sounds would be like. If you can have Doom sounds, I am positive we can have a collab.

PM me and we can talk about this.

-Dan, HRM