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New Contest for December!

2007-12-10 23:35:54 by HRM

Hello guys, I am sure you guys got directed to us, but not BY us.

As you may know of, there is a contest this December that runs to the end of December. These are the rules.

1.) It can be a 30-second or less song. Over 30 seconds is a disqualification.
2.) It cannot be computer generated.
3.) Limited to ROCK genre only.
4.) No vocals. That means, no singing.
5.) No spam. ( That's blatantly obvious. )
6.) Hopefully, it's sent to the Audio Portal. If so, put <DecHRM> before the actual title of your song.
7.) 1 entry per user only. No cheating.
8.) Do not describe it in the box as, "LOL THE BEST SONG" or any other 'noobish' ideas.
9.) No impersonations.
10.) Attempting to bypass these rules will result in a kick of your e-ass.

That's basically all to say. Good day.

Oh, and questions, let us know. We will respond. Trust me.

-Trevor, HRM

New Contest for December!


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