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Shamoozal: Rated M for... Shamoozal: Rated M for...

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Funny. Lol. Nothing really to say, but I'd love to see the mother and son burn in heaven.
Yes. Heaven.

And, catperson16, the ESRB is designed to rate games into categories for recommendation. Due to federal laws, you are unable to let minors experience sexual activity, and such of a fetish nature. You don't want a six year old jacking off to girls gone wild, right?

The ESRB is placed for a reason. Parents can buy things at their discretion. If they want to buy GTA for a 14 year old kid, then that's their choice. But the kid cannot legally purchase it himself because GTA has extremes of many selections (sexual content, violence, et cetera).

Not being a jackass. Just letting you know. ^-^

-Dan, HRM

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|~Enemy In The Snow~| |~Enemy In The Snow~|

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Been a long term fan. This is DEFINATELY one of your better works. I will favourite this.

An absolutely wonderful job. TV quality.


Best present ever Best present ever

Rated 5 / 5 stars

No Words...

I am sorry, but normally I like to write long reviews for flashes.

I can't say anything. I'm speechless. We have a TV-quality artist right here, with great cartoon visuals and splendid sounds to go with it. I couldn't help but watch it over and over again.

You are automatically on my favourites list, my friend.

-Dan, HRM

Madness Zombie Party 2 Madness Zombie Party 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is nearly Krinkels quality! I loved the animation and the graphics that look equal to Krinkel's! It was a pleasure watching this. Only three things set it back - voices were not necessary, and sort of spoiled the true nature of Madness; the English text was not the best, but that is understandable, as you seem to be of other than American, which is just as fine. I understand it, so no real complaints. And, the music, we needed more fast-paced, sort-of dance kind of music.

Besides that, this was wonderfully done, and I am glad to give this a 9/10!

-Dan, HRM

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GabrielBarsch responds:

thanks man, Keep watching my movies

Spares Spares

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dear EddsWorld..

Just a little note saying hi. I've been a long time follower of your flashes for five years, regardless of the age of this account, and I have to say that this work represents true quality. Although I still think that EDDSWORLD ZOMBEH ATTACK series beats anything by far (except possibly this), I do concur on my own opinion that you have provided a fine piece. You had stylish, smooth animation, hilarious scenes, and you guys portraying yourselves as characters never gets old. You guys are one of the people that I love watching over and over again.

I can't wait to see your next piece of art that comes from the Generic Machine of Randomness.


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eddsworld responds:

Thanks for the large review! Nice to know we have such a long term fan :D

Metal Gear Awesome 2 Metal Gear Awesome 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome. Really.

This is a wonderful flash. Not only does it have the usual zany humour, but it also has great animation, even without the best graphics around.

What I find funny is that this has won three of the best awards, yet is not featured in the Metal Gear Solid collection.


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Blimp Blimp

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Easily one of my favourites. I started singing it at work and got punched in the face. =)


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SRM Transformers 2! SRM Transformers 2!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wonderful, man! Just wonderful!

Remember me from when I reviewed your first one! I'm back! (O Noes!)

I personally think that this flash was ALOT better than your first. Not only did you have much better animation, but you had even funnier jokes!

The animations were about two to threefold better than the first SRM Transformers. That, in my opinion, is wonderful. I think the effects and movements were excellent, besides the fact the arms are still static! D=

The jokes were hilarious. I realize now the "Hai Guyz" is basically someone saying "I'm gonna get hurt", and it's HILARIOUS!! The jokes are well timed and in a good order. I must admit, my favourite line was... "Woah! A transformer that actually TRANSFORMS?!" That was epic! You definately have the humour factor in there.

The plot is unoriginal, but who cares? It's transformers.

The graphics are hilarious. The way they are made like talking balls of metal (in my view) just makes the jokes THAT much better. Not to mention that tank looked awesome, before it got WTFPWN'D.

Overall, I have to say that you have vastly improved on your flash skills. Sure, it may look the same to a few, but not to me. You have done a great job, Battosai810.


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Battosai810 responds:

That's a great review man - means a lot when people take the time to write their thoughts out :)
Thanks for such an intensive review, I'm glad you liked it as much as you did, and found it so much better than the first. Brawl might be back and looking cool in the next, I'll tell ya when I get to writing it lol.
Anyway, glad you liked it! Expect part 3 soon!

The Plumber The Plumber

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This flash has been decreed EPIC WIN.

Good job. =)

Subordinate Droids 3 Subordinate Droids 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Impressive, but lacks the true humour.

Alright, as one of those shows that seems good enough to watch, but kid-friendly, I think this would be suitable for actual television.

The 3d mixes very well with the 2d drawings, and the 3d models seem very realistically rendered. The 2d characters could use some work, however, as the people such as Hamish have 'wavy arms'. As in, the arms are just curved lines connected. It loosens the reality of the show.

It is very kid-friendly, and it seems like one of those shows that aren't just wonderfully relevant to kids, but has the action that I really do like in such a general manner.

The only thing that truly ruined the 10 by a point, was the humour. I thought that it was very corny, obvious, and it didn't put a better smile than a 'Lol, that's so corny!' kind of chuckle.

But besides the fact that the humour needs editing, I really think that you did well, trying to make the humour for all audiences; nice and clean.

Overall, I give this flash a 9, because it seems good enough to pay a visit to television stations, but should never become a flash 'movie' (using that context as in: 1 hr+ in one show).

Excellent job, Adrian (Sorbitol)!

Yours truly,

Dan, HRM

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sorbitol responds:

Thanks for the cool review!
This is really helpful and I'll definitely take your comments on board before starting the next episode.

I just wanted to avoid cheap jokes and concentrate on trying to build a story around the characters.
There were some funny ideas I had but there was so much to fit in and I was rapidly running out of frames that I guess I sacrificed most of the jokes for the sake of the story- but I'm getting there.

Thanks again, Dan! :)