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Just putting this out there...

2007-11-15 00:58:01 by HRM

With any audio submission under a score of 2.75, they are basically just random shit. Don't let our random shit fool you into thinking we are a crappy band. We really aren't! We just need to fix our mp3 converter. ( Fuck. ) I mean seriously, check out this!


The Winner

2007-11-01 02:00:13 by HRM

Well, it was an easy decision.

BlkAce won. Hooray for him :D.

That's all the news for now!


2007-10-28 02:21:38 by HRM

Fellow musicians of Newgrounds, there is 3 days left in the HRM contest! You need a guitar riff of any kind, but only one guitar with a maximum of 30 second, and submit it to the Audio Portal!

Honestly, I am quite disappointed we couldn't get this to get much notice, or even get an admin's attention to help us. ( Tom Fulp PM'd us once, but when we sent a couple more messages, we didn't get a response! Bad for our contest. ) We have about, *counts* 2 entries, if I am correct. Goth1337, and BlkAce. Please submit before Nov. 1st! Hopefully, Tom Fulp will still sponsor the prizes, even though responses haven't been made. TOM, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, HRM REQUESTS A RESPONSE. THANKS.
The winner will get an NG T-Shirt and stickers, from the new NG store! That is, saying once again, if Tom is still sponsoring us.

To submit, you must have HRM Contest: in your audio title.

In other news, we are now accepting ideas for songs, suggestions, and are willing to make songs for flashes! Just respond to this news post or PM us a request, and we will get to work!

Live and let rock, NG users!


My......... Home........

2007-10-14 02:27:28 by HRM

Dan here...

I live in an apartment...... and the building burned down...... arsonist..... I have lost much of my stuff, and I have to use my friend's laptop to bitch about it... thank god Trevor is letting me hang with him... songs might be delayed, since I lost my guitar, amp, and saved projects...

I feel so depressed...
Just thought I'd let you know..


Extended Contest Time

2007-10-01 19:18:59 by HRM

Due to lack of submissions, this contest will run to the end of October. It might be shortened if we get at least 5 entries (currently have 1 as we are typing this), but until then, we will extend it.

Someone's got to have a challenge, right?


2007-09-25 18:39:13 by HRM

Everybody! Listen up! We have an audio contest by us, HRM! Here are the rules.

1.) It must be a guitar solo.
2.) It can only be one guitar.
3.) It must have "HRM Contest" in it's audio name.
4.) It can be any guitar of your choice.
5.) Must not be longer than 30 seconds.
6.) You may only submit once.
7.) Any spam submissions will result in you never being able to win another one of our contests again.
8.) It has to be submitted to the Audio Portal. PM us the link when it is up.

As a reward, Tom Fulp will be giving out a free T-Shirt and some cool stickers! Think of it! You get another day of clothing from your favourite site, free, just for playing a guitar riff, which you probably do all the time! Not to mention the stickers! Mm, sounds like good fun, eh?

Just start submitting, and PM us the link for the song, so we don't have to look it up.
We will check daily. This contest will go on for one week. Since today is Tuesday, next Tuesday is where the contest ENDS. Yep, that means if you were working on a submission for a week and submit it the day after it ends, you're screwed. Sorry.

Good luck!

-HRM Team

--Approved by Tom Fulp!--


WHAT. IS. UP?!?!?!?

2007-09-24 23:04:01 by HRM

Hey guys, it's all of us from HRM, Hi-Resolution Mayhem!

Remember to check out all our songs! We WILL take requests for song craft, and we WILL make songs to aid you in your flash work! Just ask! That's all! Just check us out, and let us know!

See ya!