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Sorry, guys.

2009-04-01 05:43:22 by HRM

Due to the total lack of able reviews here, we are moving our stuff and heading out. No longer will we be a part of this group. We shall keep our account and perhaps return once in a while, but we see no point in staying.

Goodbye all. Perhaps you shall all see us on DeviantArt or when our album comes out.


A Classic

2009-03-29 03:35:37 by HRM

We made a great classical song. We feel so happy!

If anyone out there is lonely, sad, or even want something to make themselves even happier, then you know what? You deserve it. Here. Check out our piece. Give it to your love. Listen to it as you will.

Just remember,

Everyone deserves happiness.


Awesome Collab

2009-03-17 01:48:45 by HRM

A great guitarist, I made a collab with him. Good guy. Simple drums, I can do so much better, but yeah. Look for 'Crest Ruin' in his vast selection of awesome songs!


New songs!

2008-09-23 02:52:31 by HRM

Two new songs!

Tetris ReMiX!!! A sequel to the Legend of Zelda ReMiX!!! /174267

And Mjolnir's Face, an original track by us! /174261


Also, Dan broke his guitar. Otherwise these songs would have been here faster.

-Trevor, HRM

Ode to Dragons

2008-08-04 06:10:29 by HRM

Ah, our new song, Ode to Dragons, is out. Not a very original title, nor will it be going on our CD, but we thought it sounds good. Drums are a little too loud in my thoughts though, :( .

Check it out! /162888

-Trevor, HRM

Taking Requests

2008-06-20 18:02:47 by HRM

Have you ever had a song you were just DYING to want someone to create?
-A super solo song, like Steve Ouimette's version of The Devil Went to Georgia?
-A hardcore song, like Megadeth, but darker?
-A fast, uplifting song, like Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames?
-A nice little remix of an existing song, such as OUR Zelda 'remix'?

If you have requests, let us know. We are up and running, and we'll be constantly checking in on our page to see if anyone has any ideas. We will post the song on HRM with credit of it being your idea.

Do not confuse this with any sort of money/item promo, or a contest promo, or any sort of it. We are just searching for a creative artist that doesn't have the tools to rock on him/her own.

-Dan, HRM

Taking Requests

We're back!

2008-04-22 21:13:16 by HRM

We're back and better than ever. Enjoy our new songs.

Review Crew

2008-03-04 18:54:44 by HRM

You know, if anybody ever reads this, you may want to know....

Our bass guitar broke, so we are just going to give large geeky reviews on flashes now. Until we get another.

Thank you.

Contest Cancelled

2008-01-08 01:45:03 by HRM

We got beat down. Never happened.

Sorry to disappoint the 2 people that read this.

-The HRM Crew

New Contest for December!

2007-12-10 23:35:54 by HRM

Hello guys, I am sure you guys got directed to us, but not BY us.

As you may know of, there is a contest this December that runs to the end of December. These are the rules.

1.) It can be a 30-second or less song. Over 30 seconds is a disqualification.
2.) It cannot be computer generated.
3.) Limited to ROCK genre only.
4.) No vocals. That means, no singing.
5.) No spam. ( That's blatantly obvious. )
6.) Hopefully, it's sent to the Audio Portal. If so, put <DecHRM> before the actual title of your song.
7.) 1 entry per user only. No cheating.
8.) Do not describe it in the box as, "LOL THE BEST SONG" or any other 'noobish' ideas.
9.) No impersonations.
10.) Attempting to bypass these rules will result in a kick of your e-ass.

That's basically all to say. Good day.

Oh, and questions, let us know. We will respond. Trust me.

-Trevor, HRM

New Contest for December!